Sunday, July 26, 2009

More photos

I'm on a roll.......
Let me introduce my other Papillon and Phalene.
On the left is................. Miss Jolie (Belvisaj I Believe The Dream ) my first home bred Phalene - a very special and welcomed surprise !! Born 7th July 2007

Centre is .....................Tom Thumb
(Belvisaj Simply Charming Sh.CM.) my first home bred Papillon. Born 11th August 2003

Of course right is ......... Mr Frosty
(Gennasus Well Chilled with Belvisaj) bred by Sue Gray. Born 2nd December 2008

Mr Frosty is a great little poser ........

He loves everybody - not caring if they have 2 or 4 legs !!

Quick update 2

Here are a couple of photos of Mr Frosty investigating my Mum's garden. It was lovely to see him enjoying a dry day !!!

Quick update 1

I must catch up now .......

I flew to Crufts at the beginning of MARCH this year. Great day meeting up with "old" friends and making new ones - Hello to all !!

This was the first time I had left Mr Frosty and he did not appreciate my absence. He let me know that where I am he will be to......
As you can see above, he was determined that if I left with a suitcase he would be in it and more impressively he caught on that I could not leave without my wheelchair. This was the first time he slept on the chair - clever boy !!
Sorry this is short and to the point but I have a lot more news ........

Monday, March 2, 2009

Nearly lost !!

Today I had to go to Musgrave Park Hospital to have my Baclofen Pump filled and of-course Mr Frosty accompanied me. What usually takes 15 minutes took an hour and a half, and on top of that I nearly lost my boy !!
The staff were fighting over who's bag he would fit in and who was taking him home. The phones were all out to record a picture and he has been officially invited back in June by Sheila Nevan (Ward Manager), seen here taking her turn at "nursing" !!!

1st Rosette

A friend organised a little dog show for the residents of Barnhalt Cottages in Carrickfergus, a"Fold" for the more mature on Thursday 26th February.

There were a number of Toy dogs present.We had to tell our audience a little about our breed and then show how we present and walk the dogs. We had a mat running down the centre of the room and a table at the top.

This was my wee mans first outing and he didn't let me down. A little show off on the table, although a bit confused as to where to walk, what with me holding the lead and my Mum (Myrtle) behind pushing !! All in all it went quite smoothly and when the residents voted Mr Frosty 2nd in the "Dog you would most want to own ?" contest, I was sooo proud !!!

After his performance, Mr Frosty mixed beautifully with the other dogs and got lots of cuddles from the staff and his new admirer's !!! He really was the star of the show.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First visit to the vets.

I took Mr Frosty for his second "jab" last night, like most men he complained a little but recovered well.

We are having great fun "training" with a lead, he does not object to having it round his neck but thinks it is a fun thing to chew.

A really good natured little man, loving all that will give him attention, whither it be human or animal !!!

Mr Frosty at 12 weeks old.

New Arrival

I would like to introduce the latest arrival to Belvisaj.

This is GENNASUS WELL CHILLED aka Mr Frosty, so named because he was delivered on the 2nd December 2008 on the coldest night in Inverness/Aberdeen that year.
When friends went to collect him for me we were having the coldest winter in 18 years.
They sailed from Belfast on Thursday 12th February at 07.00hrs to Stranraer, journeyed North for hours battling through the snow and ice to get him and arrived back in Belfast in 03.00hrs the next morning. I was at the harbour excitedly waiting for him !!
Mr Frosty 10 weeks old.

This little man is a real joy to own and gets on so well with my family of Papillons, Phalene and Miniature Schnauzer. I'll introduce you to them all at a later date - but I have to start somewhere and thought this would encourage me to record a photo album !!